HD Warriors with a Face, Voice and a Story ...

Today, there are many new faces affected by Huntington's disease


Whether you are a person living with Huntington's disease, a caregiver, a family member, friend or concerned individual, please take a moment to tell and share your story in a brief video or written submission. If you are short on words and just want to provide a photo of the individual affected by HD then we can honor our HD warrior. In doing so, you are making a difference to the HD community as we work together to raise awareness and research funding to strike out Huntington's disease. Telling your story helps Huntington's Disease Foundation and visitors to our website understand more about the impact of Huntington's Disease.  


Submit your story or provide photo by completing the information below. We can accept a video-taped message up to two minutes or a written message up to about 2000 characters. Only your first name, last initial, city, state and country will appear with your story or photo.


While we have created the HD Warriors with a Face, Voice and a Story ... to be an open, safe place to express yourself, if you or someone you know needs immediate help, please contact 1-800-273-TALK. The hotline is open 24/7. If you have questions about mental health, please contact the NAMI HelpLine at 1-800-850-NAMI.

Bad language, violent imagery and other offensive and explicit material are off-limits. Please refrain from promoting personal websites, blogs, books and other personal projects. You must also be 13 or older to participate on the page or have written permission from your parents/guardian to have your story posted. We review all submissions and this process may take some time, so your work may not be posted immediately. We cannot guarantee that everything we receive will be published and if needed, we will edited as we feel needed.







  • I will always place the mission first.


  • I will never accept defeat.


  • I will never quit.


  • I will never leave a fallen comrade.

HD Warriors

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